Yuki Eiri (eiri_uesugi) wrote in catchmeforever,
Yuki Eiri

Admin Notice!

^_^; Your other Admin and I have been talking.. and we've decided.

catchmeforever is now going to be on hiatus.

Now... don't get too upset. We will be back. But for now, we're going to take a break till we can get a lot of characters. At the moment, there are about two or three, tops four, posting.

You can't have a good rpg without the characters. So... we're taking a break. We're going to fix things up. We're going to make a story line. Personally, if I get bored, I'm going to make lj layouts for each character so it's a tad nify on the visual side.

We're also going to recruit people, and probaably do some test runs with new people, to see if they're any good. This rpg has been.. pretty bad. I'm not afraid to admit it. But when we come back (and we will) it will be better.

Seeing you in the near future, better than ever-
Admin 2-

PS: If you want to see the rpg come back sooner.. RECRUIT PEOPLE! ^_^; We're not as bad as we seem. In fact.. we really do want to have fun. n_n;
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