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I tried.

I've stayed away as long as I could, and it doesn't seem to matter at all. After a day I would have found Yuki and brought him back with me, no matter what! >.<

But even though he promised not to leave me, I guess he just hoped I would leave instead. And then I did... so he got what he wanted, and I just feel like an idiot.

I never actually imagined that I could ever be so completely indispensible to Yuki, you know? I never thought that there would be some point where he wouldn't be able to live without me... but I wanted to try. Maybe this was a stupid thing to do at this point. Maybe I should never have left...

I know that this is all my fault.. but what can I do? I want to go back.. and I want to say that I'm sorry and hope he'll let me stay.. But if he wanted me back he would have come get me. If I go back, all he'll do is kick me out again... so what will be the point?

I wonder if this is the end, then?
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