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Gravitation RPG
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Gravitation RP

Few rules so far, as this is new to me:

1. One character per person to begin with.

2. Respect each other.

3. Cut long posts (more than two paragraphs) using the lj-cut tag.

4. If you'd like to join, you must audition for the character you would like to write for in a new post. Please post the character, whichever journal you will be using for them, so we do not get mixed up, an instant messager screenname for roleplay purposes, and a short audition showcasing your understanding of the character's personality. This audition must be made in third person, past tense; story form.

4a. Please check the 'taken characters' list before you claim a character. If you read the posts and you notice a character being played that isn't on the list, email the maintainer to be sure.

4b. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or IM either admin.

5. Each character, once approved, must update at least once a month. Should this rule be broken, an admin will e-mail or IM the role-player and inform them that they need to update. Should they ignore the rule, they will be kicked out without warning.

6. All journal posts should be posted in the community, not the character's journal. But should you wish to post in both, that's fine.

rikki - lunatic@lunar-progeny.net
Kaitie - surgoi@hotmail.com

Description of Gameplay

Posts will be made in journal form- first person, present tense.
Roleplaying will be done via instant message in whatever format the players feel comfortable with.

This is a bit different from the old format, but I'm experimenting. I think it will be more fun this way. ^_^